Fire Theatre "Ognevitsa" - creative fire shows and neon light performances

We are the Fire Theatre "Ognevitsa" - a group of people united by one objective: to give you joy, delight and surprise from masterful and creative fire shows.

Our mission is to create fire performances of the highest level. Our fire shows are not an improvisation and not a set of hastily devised movements that you may see from the street artists - it's a fully choreographed and well-honed piece of art - and this makes us different from other fire groups!

We have already brighened many weddings, corporate events, anniversaries and just happy days that will forever be remembered by the audience. Constantly improving, we offer our clients a number of fire and neon show programs, a show of sparks, fire installations and costumes, fiery signs and burning hearts, Pj Dance, fireworks.

We use lots of different props for every performance we stage! Starting from simple poi, single and double staves, up to flaming swords and dragon wings!
The props and costumes are made in our workshop and are based on original sketches. Our shows include all spectacular aspects of fire shows: synchronous movements, juggling, grace, well-composed action and music.
Our neon shows are perfectly adapted for indoors use either with additional lights, or in total darkness.

We guarantee a high level of safety for all our shows. All props are constantly tested; we ALWAYS carry a fire extinguisher and fire protection cloth, and all our artists are trained according to fire regulations.

We would be happy to answer your questions about Fire Show in Kiev and beyond.