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Sparkle show

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Fire show outdoors

• A place for performance, having not less than two square meters per artist plus additional 2 sq.m. for safety equipment and safety staff.
• No guests, photo and video operators are allowed to be present in the designated performance area at any time.
• Performance area should not contain flammable materials, plantings, fragile structures.
• The artists should be provided with a changing room, water, toilet.

Fire show ("fire-show", fireshow) - performance of the original genre, akin to the circus, which is the union of dance and stunts with fire tools.

Fire show from our theater "Ognevitsa" is a unique and unrivaled performance. Each act is filled with inspiration, passion and idea. Creative costumes help to immerse in the story of a performance, and musical accompaniment is perfectly matched to the thematic content of the show.

If you have decided to get lots of unforgettable experiences from "Ognevitsa" Fire Theater - we'd love to help you! Please don't hesitate contacting us.

Pyrotechnics came to fire shows recently and since then inseparably accompany them, enriching each other. Following all the new opportunities to improve our shows and fire genre trends, our theater extends its programs by using pyrotechnics in our shows.

Hand-held pyrotechnics become the climax of the show and are a great alternative to fireworks. We use different types of pyro during fire shows - fountains, roman candles and others. All hand-held pyrotechnics are mounted on a specifically constructed metal props.

We apoligize, the content has been translated with Google Translate and haven't been yet checked by the editor.

We apoligize, the content has been translated with Google Translate and haven't been yet checked by the editor.

The staff of our theater - not just people who are united by the common labor, and big happy family. Daily training, knowledge transfer, cooperation and trust - the most important part of creating high-quality performance, and productive work and the pursuit of self-realization - an essential feature of each of us.

For our fire shows, we use the tools made of Kevlar and ceramic cord - fireproof fabric that will not melt or crumble during combustion, providing security for both the artist and the audience. In order to be confident in the quality and safety of the props we make it ourselves with all possible precautions and safety tests before using it. All fuses are secure, hinges and handles are made of leather, hooks and chains have a high threshold of safety.

Do you want something special? To realize your creative ideas, see the fire show during your favorite song? Give your friends and family the inspirational flaming gift ?

We can arrange an individual performance according to your scenario, with specifically designed and sewed costumes in accordance with the theme of your event. We can create any type of performance: meeting your guests by artists with burning fire tools, PJ - Dance and club performances with neon, decorating the stage, and more.

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The theater was founded more than two years ago. During all the time that passed, we have assembled a team of professionals that would deliver you an unforgettable experience of exciting fireshows. Our team is daily improving their skills and constantly visit workshops of famous international fire artists.