For our fire shows, we use the tools made of Kevlar and ceramic cord - fireproof fabric that will not melt or crumble during combustion, providing security for both the artist and the audience. In order to be confident in the quality and safety of the props we make it ourselves with all possible precautions and safety tests before using it. All fuses are secure, hinges and handles are made of leather, hooks and chains have a high threshold of safety.

Ignition fuel is a purified kerosene. Kerosene has a lower combustion temperature than most flammable liquids, which makes it ideal for a fire show.

The props are thoroughly tested before each show to ensure complete safety during the performance.

Neon show instruments and costumes are also created by ourselves, each tool has original and individual design. We use LED ribbon, cold neon, fluorescent fabric and paint.

Creative ideas and individual approach to the manufacturing of our props allows us to create the show, which is fundamentally different from the others. A high level of responsibility and professionalism guarantees fire and neon shows of the highest level.

We also can produce a set of tools for your fire or neon show - please contact us.