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The staff of our theater - not just people who are united by the common labor, and big happy family. Daily training, knowledge transfer, cooperation and trust - the most important part of creating high-quality performance, and productive work and the pursuit of self-realization - an essential feature of each of us.
Format of the show, the required number of participants, the themes of the holiday - we will create for you Fire show professional level according to your preferences and needs.

Solo performance

The individual performance of the actor - a great choice for events with a small stage. Recital - it is not improvisation, but a complete artist with a number of one or more instruments, original costumes and relevant music. Mysterious and unexpected guest artist will be a meeting of the genre in the theme of fire suit.
Even one member of our theater will create unsurpassed fire or neon show. Any party, performance of a singer or DJ filled with magical notes of mystery, bright light and good mood!

Fiery duo

Full shows, where the relationship of thoughts, constant training and years of win-win cooperation in the implementation of overlap shows, creating a wonderful combination of artists, fire and music. During daily training, resulting in thousands of trial and error we have learned to correctly understand each other, to feel every movement and intention of their partner - and it is this fire show performed by our duet positively different.
The mysterious combination of feminine and masculine in the fire performance will be the apogee of the wedding ceremony, will enchant your guests will temper the fire lyrics just created a happy family. More romantic and unique gifts you just do not find it!
From tenderness wedding fire-show will be over on your corporate party, where the duo will create comic posing in colorful costumes and the fiery motivation, or surprise your guests with the epic saga! Our performance will be the explosive end of your event, or just the beginning of a positive party that will last all night!

Fire show XL

Proud of our team and the reason for envy of your guests will be a great show a large number of artists. Synchronous production, a lot of fire on stage, a variety of instruments and their harmonious combination will go beyond what you thought possible.
Fire-show of this magnitude will not leave anyone indifferent!