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If you have decided to get lots of unforgettable experiences from "Ognevitsa" Fire Theater - we'd love to help you! Please don't hesitate contacting us.
We are loacted in - Kyiv, UA, but we are ready to perform in any city throughout our country: Kharkiv, Malin, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Poltava - cities we've already visited, and we are looking forward to returning there! We can discuss going abroad, too =)

Our performers will get to any place in Kyiv themselves for no additional cost; if you want us to perform outside of Kyiv - please contact us to get a quote for transportation fees.

Order your own show or ask questions right now at the following phone numbers:
096 834 96 34, 063 742 10 00 - Ann

We guarantee:
- Original and creative scenic appearences
- lots of fire props in each scene
- individual approach to fireshow preparation
- large variety of themes to choose from, or creating a new performance based on your event's style!
- pyrotechnics of any amount and level of complexity
- Fireshow safety (please refer to safety measures)

Our trailer will help you imagine all the scale and beauty of our shows at your event:

We accept bank transfers (being often the only way for corporate and state organisations). We pay taxes and can arrange a legal contract with your institution, if you wish.
Our fireshow will decorate your corporate or personal event, will be an unexpected and wonderful surprise for your guests !
Our shows can scale from as much as a single artist for your birthday, to a large theater group, containing 6 and more people.

Order 2 fire shows, or one fire and one neon light show to get a 50% discount!

Typical show variations

Fireshow type Description Duration
Fire shows:
Solo One person, 2 types of fire props.
Will be a god fit to family holidays or as a present to your friends.
~5 minutes
Fire duo 2 people, 7 different types of props.
Optimal choice to your wedding or a large party.
7-8 minutes
Group performances 4+ performers, constant action, lots of fire -
a culmination event for your concert, holiday, corporate event.
10-12 minutes
Neon light shows:
Solo 1 person, 2 types of neon props, UV lights. ~5 minutes
Duo 2 people, 4 types of neon props.
Best bet if you're unable to provide a place for an open fire or wish to have a performance indoors.
7-8 minutes

You can contact us by mail: , or you can leave your phone number and your question in the following form:

We hope to hear from you soon, Ann Goriachko - "Ognevitsa" theater director.