Safety measures

Fire show outdoors

• A place for performance, having not less than two square meters per artist plus additional 2 sq.m. for safety equipment and safety staff.
• No guests, photo and video operators are allowed to be present in the designated performance area at any time.
• Performance area should not contain flammable materials, plantings, fragile structures.
• The artists should be provided with a changing room, water, toilet.
• Fireshow timing should be specified in advance and strictly adhered - time delays directly affect our equipment and reduce flame brightness and quality.
• Sound equipment of sufficient capacity.
Fire show indoors can be performed only with the consent of the owner. Performance area should be well ventilated, the ceiling height - at least 4 meters. The possibility of performing indoors is discussed individually in each case.


Pyrotechnics and fireworks are used only outdoors, away from trees, buildings and flammable substances. The distance between the work area and the audience or any objects should be at least 10 meters. Please warn us in advance in case of any area configuration features.

Neon light shows

• Neon shows are usually performed indoors. In case of necessity performing outdoors it should be discussed individually.
• We should be able to install and supply UV lamps (220V).
• To ensure the best experience of the show, the distance to the performance area should be more than 2 meters, all lights in the area should be turned off, laser and other light effects are discussed in advance with the person in charge.


To simplify the relationship between the customer and the participants of the theater, please provide concact details of event coordinator or administrator, who will handle all technical issues.
Transfer costs, accommodation and meals on performances outside of Kiev are discussed separately. There are no transfer costs for Kiev.
Conditions and amount of payment in advance are discussed individually.
Fire theater is not liable for damages that have been caused by the violation of safety measures and performance conditions.

Theese requirements are designed primarily for your safety and to protect you from any negative consequences. We strive to give you only positive emotions, joy and fun of our shows!