Fire show ("fire-show", fireshow) - performance of the original genre, akin to the circus, which is the union of dance and stunts with fire tools.

Fire show from our theater "Ognevitsa" is a unique and unrivaled performance. Each act is filled with inspiration, passion and idea. Creative costumes help to immerse in the story of a performance, and musical accompaniment is perfectly matched to the thematic content of the show.
Among different themes for our shows, you can choose the one that will complement and will make your holiday unforgettable! Variety of costumes, interesting and original stories, lots of fire tools, fire installations - we'll create them for you!
Our fire show is a combination of the "performance" (speed, complexity, power, brightness), and "emotions" (sensuality, perfect composition, surprise).
Do you want your evening to be filled with unforgettable, spectacular and wonderful events? Contact us!


Despite the dangers of fire genre, you have nothing to worry about. Our fire shows comply with all safety requirements and are even less dangerous than the usual fireworks.

Comment of the expert:
Evgeny Pakhomov, a lieutenant colonel of internal services of EMERCOM Russia, Samara region, deputy chairman of the supervisory activities:
"- A show with a live fire is safer for spectators than launching stationary pyrotechnics, as the use of fireworks is always associated with a long-range expansion of fireworks after the launch. However, the show must comply with standard fire safety rules."

We train and provide safety instructions for each member of the theater "Ognevitsa", and during all our shows a separate, well-trained person is responsible for fire safety and taking care of the instrument. To protect against unforeseen situations we always have tools at hand to extinguish fires - fireproof canvas and a fire extinguisher. However, we never had to use it, and if you comply to our Safety measures considerations - we would not have to.

When ordering a fire show, please consider:
- Stage should not be too tight for the required number of artists
- No flammable materials should be present near the performance area
- It is necessary to create and maintain a sufficient distance between the stage and the audience
We care about our artists, and all our costumes are made of natural fabrics without the use of synthetic additives - this prevents the fabric from melting or burning.
When you order a fire show from our theater "Ognevitsa" - you can always be sure that you will get positive emotions.

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