Pyrotechnics came to fire shows recently and since then inseparably accompany them, enriching each other. Following all the new opportunities to improve our shows and fire genre trends, our theater extends its programs by using pyrotechnics in our shows.

Hand-held pyrotechnics become the climax of the show and are a great alternative to fireworks. We use different types of pyro during fire shows - fountains, roman candles and others. All hand-held pyrotechnics are mounted on a specifically constructed metal props.

Fire show with a spectacular finale will give new impressions and experiences. In contrast to the well-known fireworks, fire show with a pyrotechnics will become new and creative part of your holiday. Bright splashes of fireworks and billions of sparcs will create an unforgettable sense of celebration and joy!

It should be noted that the use of fireworks adds increased safety requirements to the location of the fireshow. The distance from the stage to the audience, structures, vegetation must be greater than that, usually required by the fire shows.
Please refer to more detailed Safety Measures page.

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